Our Services

Our Services

Respite care

We provide respite care in our homes for adults with learning disabilities.


A variety of excellent home cooked meals are provided and a choice is available. Special dietary needs are fully catered for.

G.P. Service

A local practice provides excellent support for health and medical requirements.

Community Resource Team

These services are arranged as required.

Christmas Party

Please click the link below to see pictures of our Christmas party.

Other Services

Chiropodists, hairdressers, dentists, eye tests, Psychology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, mobility, etc. are arranged on a regular basis.

Individual Care Plan

This is for all clients irrespective of their level of need and it is updated on a regular basis.

Activities of Daily Living

There are weekly programmes of home life activity sessions with community outings in place and based on choice and independence with staff support to develop and promote skills. Leisure and recreation include swimming, eating out, shopping etc. Time is equally respected for free expression, privacy or spiritual needs as part of daily home life. At night experienced staff is on duty at all times with waking night and sleep in staff, depending on the need of the client group.